COVID-19 updates

Covid-19 updates

As an RICS regulated firm, we’ve carefully followed the government led guidance on physical inspections and are adhering to the recommended procedures.
Covid-19 safety guidelines:
▪ Adhere to current social distancing measures at all times.
▪ Sanitise keys after each handover.
▪ Request that occupiers, where possible, are not in the property during inspections and that internal doors are left open.
▪ Adhere to Public Health England (PHE) guidelines on cleaning hands thoroughly prior to and upon leaving the property.
▪ Comply with current PHE guidelines, ensuring appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is utilised prior to entering the property.
▪ Only take the equipment and tools actually required for the inspection to the property, according to the service delivered.
▪ Where the occupier is set to be present, request that they follow the government social distancing guidelines.
▪ Aim for as minimal amount of contact with surfaces when inspecting elements of the property as possible.
▪ Keep a record of inspection using appropriate recording equipment, including any limitations of the inspection as a result of restrictions.
▪ Take an adequate number of photographs and videos. These can be especially helpful for restricted or inaccessible areas.

We have, and will continue to adapt, to ensure the service we offer our clients is second to none. We are also able to offer many of our services remotely, including providing desktop valuations – please contact us for more details.

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