Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 updates Covid-19 updates As an RICS regulated firm, we’ve carefully followed the government led guidance on physical inspections and are adhering to the recommended procedures.Covid-19 safety guidelines:▪ Adhere to current social distancing measures at all times.▪ Sanitise keys after each handover.▪ Request that occupiers, where possible, are not in the property during inspections and […]


Testimonials Testimonials “Delayed huge thanks for the work done!!! The quality of the report and the turnaround was greatly appreciated and it supported us in delivering our work to the client.” GM, a solicitor in a leading US and UK law firm “Thanks for your work. It led to us acquiring the asset and we […]

Development Viability & Feasibility

Development Viability & Feasibility Our experience gives us the expertise to effectively manage your requirements. Development Viability & Feasibility Our role We appraise assets, including land, to identify the value and viability of the potential development, which allows our clients make an informed, commercially sound decision, as to whether to proceed with a development plan […]

Development and Land

Development & Land We establish site value and the right strategy. Development & Land Our role We represent commercial and residential property owners, developers and house builders, looking to sell anything from a single building plot, up to large, multi-acre sites. We work to serve our clients’ best interests and achieve the best sale price […]

Sales & Lettings

Sales & Lettings We provide a full marketing campaign for both residential and  commercial property. Sales & Lettings Our role We provide a full marketing campaign for both residential and commercial property and aim to provide you with a first class service from the moment you first contact us. As part of our service we […]

Property Management

Property Management We act and advise on commercial, residential and portfolio management needs. Property Management Our role We act and advise on commercial, residential and portfolio management needs.We provide guidance on furthering investment profitability and keep you up-to-date with as much or as little information on the day-to-day performance of the investment as required. Our […]

Company Accounts Valuation

Company Accounts Valuation A valuation conducted by a RICS registered valuer will ensure an accurate value of assets is provided that meets the demands of the valuation office agency on behalf of HMRC. Company Accounts Valuation Our role We act for businesses. As Chartered Surveyors, we determine the value of a site or buildings held […]

ATED Valuations

ATED Valuations We aim for our expert valuations and ATED guidance to support you in making sound financial decisions relating to your property and tax responsibilities. ATED Valuations If your company, partnership or investment scheme owns or partly owns a UK residential property valued at more than £500,000, you are responsible for submitting a chargeable […]

Leasehold enfranchisement

Leasehold enfranchisement If you are looking to apply for collective enfranchisement, we can provide the expertise to make this happen. Leasehold enfranchisement Our role We are experienced RICS registered valuers specialising in the valuation and negotiation required for leasehold enfranchisement – the collective acquisition of freeholds in flat developments. The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban […]

Residential lease extensions

Residential lease extensions It is particularly important for leaseholders to act upon extending their lease when the unexpired lease term is approaching 80 years, as this is when the costs involved begin to escalate. Residential lease extensions Our role We could act for either the leaseholder or the freeholder. Windrush Associates specialises in the valuation […]